Balanced Energy Training

Make Your Running a Priority (And Yourself a Priority)
Without Sacrificing Your Life, Family, Work, Hobbies
With Too Much Discipline, Structure, or Time Commitment

What You Get To Stay Fit:

Get 12 Full Weeks of Personalized Balanced Energy Training - And Set Fire Again So You Can Consistently and Comfortably Run A Few Days A week Without The Pressure Of Competing With Your Younger Self (But We Can't Promise You Won't Want To)  

1. BALANCED TRAINING - Trade in pain and discomfort for more ease and joy as you lace up your shoes, get outside, and feel good about your efforts.

2. FOCUSED ENERGY WORKOUTS - Improve health and fitness, relieve stress, even offset aging and gain mental clarity and focus. All with fun accountability to give you more energy to live better, live plenty, and share more with others.

3. FREE BONUS - RUNNING CLUB SECRETS - Free e-book access to uncover relatable answers to all your specific training questions and give you even more clarity and more support around your energy workouts. All designed to keep the motivation and joy of running far ahead of boredom and burnout.

And much more...

"I’ve been working with Coach Ken for 10 years now. He’s increased my distance, improved my running times and improved my overall running enjoyment with his expertise."

Deb Brown

Director of Operations Columbus, MT

"This is by far the best training program I’ve ever been on! Coach designs workouts that are both fun and effective. I have seen outstanding results in a very short period of time! "


Acountant - Dallas, TX

I’m so pumped about how I felt—not so much about the time—its decent–but more about how totally easy it felt. Usually I struggle. It was nice!!! I’m very happy with you and my workouts.


Attorney - New Orleans, LA

“As a busy executive it is critical to be efficient and effective with your time.  When I wanted to gear up for another half marathon, Ken put together a structured, progressive training plan that was easy to follow, built up my endurance safely, and allowed me to have fun and complete the San Francisco Half Marathon in a personal best time. Ken’s program worked well with my schedule and helped me achieve my goals.”

David Krantz

CEO - Atlanta, GA

I’ve been training with you for 1 year now and I feel great. steady improvements, and running is fun again. just wanted to say thank you and you are awesome!


Nurse in  Hollis, ME

Meet Coach Ken Rickerman

I was fortunate to be the first coach to have an interactive training platform where I could train runners across the United States and Internationally, utilizing web-based technology. Throughout the last 10 plus years I've personally scheduled over 125,000 workouts and training plans utilizing energy chain workouts that make all the difference between generic plans and effective plans.

What's great about technology is data. And with all the data that I have accumulated from all of those personal clients has now enabled me to create not only customized workouts but entire customized training plans through automation. What that means to you is this has created an opportunity for you to have the most specific training available anywhere for pennies on the dollar compared to hiring me or another expert running coach.

That said, I'm not one to give in to robots. So this venture I am proposing to you today is designed to deliver purposeful running to make the most of your time that you dedicate to your health and fitness. This combination of automated running training plans coupled with support and guidance gives you Balanced Energy Training.